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Thursday, 19-0-2012

To postphone my departure I woke up slowley. I did look forward to 1300 km. In ten days. I’m not getting younger; at least it’s what my children tell me. Oh waht a heck 50 or 55 what a diffrence, I just went cycling……

My first puaus I had after 55 km. On the same spot as last year  The sound of my tires on the tarmac sounded so nice. On the Easter Scheld flood barrier I had the wind in the back so I went easely a 30km./H

Till the island of Roozenburg the route was much the same. There I took the new route along the ‘Maasvlakte’ It was quite a contrast: first between beautiful dunes and after that over a vast palin full of big wharehouses and petrochemical industires.

I had to wait for the fast ferry to Hook of Holland. And fast was the ferry: it went over 40km/h I will not go any fatsre on my bicycle.

Half past theree I arrived on the campsite and a hour later my camp was made. I went shopping for bread. I filled the water bottles for the next day.
After that I went for the restaurant to have a meal and to type the storry of the day.

After dinner I went back to my tent and soon after a Aussie arrived. In no time we were talking. He returned of a tour in Europe in four weeks he cycled through Europe and had done a tour in Germany, Denmark, Swede and Norway. He was on route to Schiphol to fly back home.

Shortly there after my other neighbours started a talk. They were from New Castle and had cycled a route made by a Dutchman, livving in England. They were on route for Amsterdam and were looking for a campsite on the route.

A bit later the Aussie and I went for a drink and talked about life and work in Australia. He was a teacher and told me that retirement in Australia is when you are 56. His daughter was a teacher as well and worked in New Castle with dillliquent kids. How small is the world………..