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Friday, 20-07-2012

I write this on my netbook lazely sitting on my Tataljee schair. I’m on the campsite Groede near Groet. Well lets start at the beginning of the day……

The day started for around six o’clock. The washing building wasn’t even open yet so, no shaving this morning.

First I had breakfast. After that the packing begin. In such a lazzy tempo it seemed to defer meating the bumps in the dunes near The Hague again. But ineviatble I left around half past eight.

My first break I had long after the bumps, my firts trauma was won over.

Sometimes there was a light rain. Not enough to get out the raingear.

In the afternoon the sun came through and I was glad I used some sunlotion this morning.

In Noordwijk I had to take a picture of the lighthouse. I hoped to get some fried fish, but the fish cart wasn’t even in sight. While working on my blog the cart was parked right behing my back so….. I had to live with a bun with salt herring. Nice………

This year it was  as hard as last times getting through the dunes between Hook of Holland and Velzen. The returning short steep climbs were draining my sap, so after the ferry near Velzen I, again, choose a route along the dunes. Again I went shopping for food in Beverwijk.

Tired but satisfied I arrived on the campsite near Groet.

The campsitewas even wetter then last year. There were not manny guest and I shared a larg meadow with one young couple in a caravan.

First I made camp, filled the water botles, went for a washup and did a small hand wash.

Then I made my first gourmet chef meal. (Boil ½ liter of water and ad, stirring, the contents of this bag. Cook it for vife minutes and dinner is ready)

It was good and sufficient (it was meant for two….)