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Saterday, 21-07-2012

I woke up around seven. It started sunny, but a strong wind was blowing from the North. I did breakfast and packing and left around a quarter to nine

It was a joy to ride the old polders, next the ‘neweer Wieringermeer polder and next the old iland of Wieringe.

Vissiting the village of Hyppolytushoef I went shopping, buying bread, a liter of juice and a good bite for the break. I eat half a bread a day, with something to eat around ten.

On my route over the island I was over taken biy a Quest recumbent trike. We talked a bit over recumbents and other stuff. Near Den Oever he went his way and I started the big croossing.

It was a hard work to ride against the wind with no point on the horizon to drive to. Just going on and on and on; hard work when you are alone.

Passing Breezand I was over taken by a family on bycicle; father, with lugge caboose son with dog caboose, daughter and mother. The went a bit quicker so I picked up the tail and gladly used them to cross the afsluitdijk to the end

At the end of the Afsluitdijk we made pictures of each for ‘the album’. The went on and I had a late lunch.

I pcked the route again and went for Harlingen. There I had to take picture two for the certificate.

I had a look around the harbor filled with old sailingboats.

The route went to the North so it was a strugle agains the wind, but in the end I made it to de Waddenzee dike and after a long days work I arrived at Sint Jacobiparochie around half past viife.

It was a nice campsite, still a bit desserted, so I had again al room to my self. Next to the tent a nice sturdy table. I made camp, had some food, did the washing up and freshend myself. After that I typed the story of the day and had a nice can of beer next my netbook.

It’s nice like this……..