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Sunday, 22-07-2012

The night was fresh with a lot of dew, but when morning broke it promissed a lot: sun. Well taht was true. With ussing the sunlotion I did all, but my feet. In the end of the day they had a ‘nice’ red colour. But I’m going a bit to fast….

I was up early and the recumbent rolled again around half past eight. Lukily was on the bicycle..

It was a quiet Sunday morning. From the Old Bilddike I spotted a ree in the meadows.

Being on the road early makes the traffic low. So you can see a lot without being al the time allert.

Along small village with or without a ‘terp’ I neared the Lauwers lake. I realy was hungry, so I went for some nice French fries and a cold drink.

The wind had turned more to the east, so sometimes I, again, was strugling against the wind.

It is quite a diffrence if your back wheel is turning free and the suspension is doing its work. Easy compared to last year…

The city of Groningen was crossed quickly and near Haren the ropute went int the woods. The bicycle path was two ways and verry narrow. The road next to the path was full of potholes and with lose sand. Hard going.

At last I arrived on my day’s target: NIVON house “de Hondsrug”. They had a small campsite in the forrest. A lot more people…….. But I had a shower, dinner and… they had WiFi and cold beer!

Ihad a easy evening after 121 km this day and turned in early for a well earned sleep…..