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Monday, 23-07-2012

This day I was up early and around eight the bicycle was packed an ready to go. First I had to settle the bill of last night. I had a nice talk with people whu run the NIVON house. Half past eight I left. In the province of Groningen were the bicycle paths narrow ar loos sand or both A lot of times I stopped next to the path to let some people pass.

In the prvince of Drente the bicycle paths were much better; broad with a smooth tarmac or concrete surface. It went much faster.

Till Taarlo I did the route same as last year, but from that point onward it was new. Nother trauma concurred.

It was nice: sun shining, bird sounds freshly mowed grass next to the path…..

My first stop was in Rolde for a pharmacy to buy some aftersun, next stop wath a supermarket for bread, drink, beer and bite. It sounds maybe a bit strange but even after a breakfast of six slices of bread I was hungry around ten. Later I had another six slices for lunch and again hungry around dinner time……..

After Rolde I had to do a fotoshoot of the dolmen ‘Drouwen 21 and 22’ Another tick for the certificate…..

After theat I crossed Emmen, Coevorden and Hardenberg. After a lot of small nice village along the vecht I arrived in the end on the campsite ‘Roos’. I’ve done 130 km this day, so I checked in, made camp, showered and had dinner.

I turned in early, after a long warm day…….