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Tuesday, 24-07-2012

I was up a quarter past six. The campsite was quiet. Around half past eight I was ready to go. Everything made it clear that it would be a warm day.

After the village of Vroomshoop I entered the former peat colony. The landscape showed it all over.

The route came through the village with the longest name in Holland: Westhaar-Vriezenveensewijk.

After Geesteren the lanscape became hilly again: short steep climbs. In the warm weather not that nice to do. Doing some thinking on the roadside I was passed by Piet Ev****ijk. He is a college of another location of our school. We talked about the route. They would follow it all the way; I likked to skip a part.

So after Ootmarsum I went foor Oldenzaal. In Oldenzaal I had to ask an search for the route to Enschede. Near the village of Lonneker I pcked the route again and the GPS made me cross Enschede in a jiffy.

In the nature reservew Buurzerzand I had another fotoshoot for the certificate: a nice old farm called the ‘Bommeleras”. Just as I was taking the picktures a coouple on recumbents stopt. We had a nice talk for half an hour and went on again.

The conversation made that I realy went for the campsite in Vorden.
On route I made a few stops for food and drinks. That’s why I made the hole 139 km to the campsite.

First I made camp and then I payed for the campsite.

Then a quick shower, food and typing the story. I also studied the route for next day. After thais days ride I think it is possible to do…..