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Wensday, 25-07-2012

I was up at six and everything went smoothly, so I cycled ten past eight. Cycling early or late makes the cyclepath desserted, so you can go steady and fast.

This day was a warm day: between 37 nad 39 degrees Celcius. So I drunk a lot of water, juice, ice tea and, typing this two cans of beer.

When I left Vorden the route went to Bronkhorst. There I choose to go along the river the IJssel. Later on I could return to the official route.  

The route along the Ijssel went thropugh Doesburg, the Dutch mustard town. A nice town but I made a few kilometers to much and I keelde over with the bike. After picking up the bicycle I had to righten the steering.

After roling again I thought about my belly: it seemed that it was smaller than when I started because ther was moere space between the belly and the steering. In a flash I understood: everytime the cycle fell the steering was a bit long due to the form of the steering pin. So: no waitloss there…….

Near Pannerden I picked the route again and I crossed the canal of Pannerden on a small ferry. In Millingen I had a icecream and went for some shopping. Crossing the Ooij polder I stoped for lunch and a rest.

After luch I had to cross the city of Nijmegen. Thanks to the GPS it went nicely. I had in and out of the city a lot of climbing to do (for Dutch thinking) It was through a nice peice of Holland.

Everything that goes up must come down, so the ride down was nice. Near Plasmolen I came to the river the Maas.

I had to follow it and near Afferden I crossed it on a ferry. Afetr taht Itried to go a bit faster.

Near Vierlingbeek I had another fotoshoot. Before going for the campsite I emptied two cans of cold ice-tea. Nice!

After that I went for the campsite on the estate Geijsteren. I’m residing on a caravan spot in the corner of a pice of grass. I did all the things to be done: making camp, showering, cooking, washing-up, typing and emptying two cans of beer.

There is a lot of noice from the river fast boats and that kind of roaring moters. It will stop when it gets dark.