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Thursday, 26-07-2012

Again up aerly up today. Around eight oçlock I left the campsite. I used some ‘knooppunten’ to get on the route again. It followed the left side of the river Maas.

Near Lottum I somethimes came along fields full of rose in al kinds of shapes and colours. It smelled lovely. Lottum, if you wonder, is the rose village of the Netherlands!

Near Grubbenvorst I crossed the Maas on a ferry to the right side of the Maas. On that side it went to the town of Venlo.

In Venlo I first went to do some shopping; something to drink, to eat and some beer for the evening. Part of the route coincide with the LF13. I was slightly tempted to followw the route, because I now it, but I could resist and went further south.

Near Kessel theres was another Maas crossing on a ferry and on it went to the town of Roermond.

Just after Roermond, near De Weerd I was hungry and had some french fries and two cans of cold ice tea for lunch.

From there the route cris crossed between Maas lakes and canals. It was again a hot day, so a lot of people went for the water. Near Panheel it was realy to mad. Some cars were parked just on the cycle path. You just must have the courage to park youre bicycle right on the middle of a road…… The thought alone!

By surprise the campsite was there much earlier then I had thought. At 100km the campsite was there.

I am on a SVR campsite near Kelpen-Oler The tent is in the shades of a larg tree. I am sitting on a chair on the porch having my lunch bread. Typing the story and looking forward for a shower, a beer and a book……..