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Friday, 27-07-2012

This morning I was up at six and on the road again at eight. It was ahot humid day.

After starting I was cycling in the province of Limburg, but crossing the Peel I came in the province of North Brabant. I followed the LF to Eindhoven. In the village Mierlo I went for some shopping. The normal things: bread, bite and beer and a cold drink of juice.

Along the cannel of Eindhoven I enterde the city. I was not looking forward while mostle the route is lost in a city. But was mildly surprised: nice cycle paths and lanes, nicly pointed out by the signs!

After Eindhoven I had to use the LF13 an ol aquinntance of us.

The tempo was high: flat country and no climbing.

When I was near my days desteny I noticed that I had forgotten to upload the POI’s of the wild camping sites in the GPS.

It meant that I had to follow the route. Near Ulvenhout I had the last fotoshoot for the certificate.

After the fotoshoot the route should use a new direction. I was expecting something: it should cross the Mast bos woods. My first army camp was there and the shooting range where I fired my first shots 5 in 5cm. I was looking forward. I was badly surprised: the route went along the end of the shooting range where there was a ditch dug out to make a dike for the bulleds. The ditch was over filled with water and de cycle path was more ore less part of the ditch. I had to strugle through the water and the mud. I was so mad about it that I almost diccided to continu to Rilland, but I stped after 157km on a campsiet near Zundert: Camping International Priem.

I’ve been here before in 1999 with Maaike and Dirk.

I made camp and had a good shower to remove the mud.

After that I had food prepared. Nice dinner and cold beer……..