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Saterday, 28-07-2012

To day I was early again; aroun eight the recumbent was following the route again in the general direction of Middelburg. During the night it had rained a bit but during the ride it was dry. I estemated it would be around 120km.

From the campsite I went back for the route and I picked it up near the hostel Het Anker. I know since 1999 it’s the oldest hostel in the Netherlands.

Altough I tried, it was hard to get the velocity I was aming at. After 30km I went shopping in Nispen in a supermarket I knew.

I followed the route through the woods near Bergen op Zoom and had a break there.

After the ‘Zoomland’ I enterde the Zeewse clay near Woensdrecht; I had left North Brabant and was almost home.

Afetr Bath I used the cyclepath outside of the dike, along the river Schelde. Near Waarde I crossed the dike again.

In the past years the route didn’t change much. I could almost do it on the automatic pilot.

I had luch near the  old locks of Hansweert. After that it was quickly away again..

In Nisse I had a nice icecream.

After that it was almost at home.

Around half past three I drove up the driveway at home.

I was welcomed by Liesbeth and Dirk.

We drunk some coffee. After the coffe Dirk and I weighted the bycicle and the luggage. This year I had 9 kilos less to move.

Then it was cleaning and storing of the camping equipment, ready for next year………