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In the May 2013 Liesbeth and I had a few days in Scotland. On the boat from the DFDS I met two bikers wanted to cycle a part of the North Sea Route in Northern Scotland . For me the reason for my idea that continue to do when I was still not retired.

I then decided to go cycling the part from Edinburgh to Newcastle in the summer of 2014.

In addition to the cycling holidays is tinkering with recumbents a hobby. While trading, I had in November 2013 four recumbents. I posted a picture of the set on my blog.

Marcel responded via Whatsapp, asking if  he would come along on the trip. Of course I said yes!

Dirk also wanted to go back to Scotland, so I only had to sell one single (yellow) bicycle

The bikes for Marcel and Dirk were completely checked or even partially rebuilt.

Riding the recumbent bicycle is practissed by the three of us.

There was common agreement about the planning and I booked on the basis thereof, the boat trips and the train journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh.

Dirk and I eventually left on 21 July from Middelburg to Gouderak. Of the rest of the trip are now following the report