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Monday, 2014-07-21

The day started for Dirk and me around 6.00uur. Around 7:30 we were on the bike and we started with the first kilometers.

The Zeeland Bridge was just a setback; we had a hard wind.

On the Grevelingdam we had our first real break.

In Oude Tonge, we bought something to eat and drink at the Appie. Part of it we have eaten there.

After that we cycled and we had lunch at Mijnsherenland.

Before lunch we came along the hamlet Greup. That name gave  much hilarity. The reason why we had to laugh, is not to explain, but we laughed eyes out.

In Ridderkerk, we have to wait for the ferry. This had  a stopover in Kinderdijk and delivered us in Krimpen aan de Lek.

From there we went into the Dutch countryside with long narrow fields. Magnificent ditches overgrown with floating plants and sides with blooming flowers. The only thing marring were the pylons.

Around four o'clock we arrived in Gouderak where we were welcomed with open arms.

Marcel and I have to go to confirm the recumbent Marcel looked at the bike rack. He can not go to tomorrow IJmuiden bicycles. In the morning they go on to the funeral of the mother of Marcel. He is then brought to IJmuiden.