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Tuesday, 2014-07-22


Today we were up early. For Marcel, Hella and the boys there was the funeral of the mother of Marcel. Then hurry home to load the car and then a spear at IJmuiden.

Dirk and I just had to cycle the planned route to IJmuiden The day was getting sunnier and warmer. We had some lovely polders and picturesque villages, such as Oude Wetering on the route. Large cities we have only seen from afar.

At 14.45 Dirk and I were already at the terminal. Marcel was delivered by Hella and cousins ​​around 15.30. We had his luggage loaded on his bike and the three of us went for the check-in

We were given, oddly enough, an outside cabin and thus a window. (We could just not as a drying rack with underware loundry hanging outside the window, a pity)

After moving in and showering, we first went to the bar to use the wifi and then go have look at leaving the port of IJmuiden on deck. At 18.00 we could eat at the buffet restaurant.

After dinner I wanted to type   the day report on my netbook, but the battery was flat and I had not taken the charger to the cabin.