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Wednesday, 2013 -07-23

This morning we were yet again up at 7 Dutch time. After washing and dressing we had breakfast and we immediately 'organized' for lunch. I had some sandwich bags with in the 'on the go bag’and we've just packed lunch after breakfast.

At a quarter to ten we went to our bikes and had to wait for disembarkation and customs. Everything happened again at ease and very smooth.

Around half past ten UK time we cycled towards Newcastle station. The route was to a largely on a former railway line.

At one point we passed a coffee cart. We had a large 'English coffee with a sandwich.

On the way to Newcastle saw a lot of beautiful things: a Roman bath, pieces Hadrian Wall, the Millennium Eye bridge, a series of bridges in succession

We were three quarters of a hour early at the station so we had time to figure out on what platform we needed to be and how we could load the bicycles in the train

Around a quarter to one the train came in and we had our bikes and luggage put in the laggage carriage, and then to we went to find  2nd class seats.

Around a quarter to three we arrived in Edinburg. It was the terminus of the train and we were therefore able to ease the bikes and luggage from the baggage pick up area of ​​the train. The luggage was loaded on the bikes again.

We first walked out of the station and climbed in to the city After a lot of walking we got cycling on a leveller part.  

Many short pieces for cycling, so you sometimes it went wrong and you ride too far and miss a turn.

Although Edinburgh is a large city we had a lot of cycling in green. After Edinburg we came to Musselburh .

Dirk had trouble with the rear derailleur (this is really "Ten Years After"), and it was at broken with out a chanche of repair. After some questions and help we found a bicycle shop. There the derailleur is replaced by a second hand, which was better off. Remarkable how once again they immediately drop everything  to help us.  You dont need to ask in the Netherlands; "We plan in the next week, we are now too busy"

After the mending of Dirk’s bicycle,  we bought bread for tomorrow and some drinks for tonight and we drove to Drummohr and we looked at the site. We arrived around six oçlock. We have been given a place on the tent field, and are going to set up the tents.

We have eaten and showered and were all very tired from the previous days. Early to bed for us.