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Thursday, 2014-07-24

This morning we were up on time. It was foggy and damp. After washing, we had breakfast and did the packing. Around a quarter to ten we were back on the bike and we rolled  from the campsite. Get away is quite difficult, especially if you just start to a word with one of the 'wardens.

At Prestonpans Marcel had a flat tire. At Lidl in the parking lot, we had to replace the tube twice.

The second time the tube remained hard and as we could go on again.

Longniddry, we went on a railway path. This ended in Haddington. We had a nice cup of coffee.

Of the route from Haddington rippled through the landscape. We passed Hailes Castle, a ruin which is obviously very important in Scottish history.  (To be honest, we don’t know why)

In West Barns we ate our sandwiches on a bench.

Both Marcel Dirk had so many problems with a knee or a tendon. So in Dunbar we first informed at the station for trains to Berwick upon Tweed. Marcel and Dirk could then go by train. Berwick tomorrow We immediately made ​​a reservation for bicycles.

Then we biked to the campsite.

We checked in and immediately we asked for a place where they sold haggis. Dirk wanted still like to eat in Scotland once.

After showering we went by taxi to Dunbar. We had chips with fish (Marcel) or haggish for dinner.

After dinner we went to a pub to have some pints of beer. With the same taxi we returned to the campsite.