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Friday, 2014-07-25

Today, Dirk and Marcel went by train to Berwick. I'm just cycled. The report by Dirk follows after mine.

Today was a beautiful but very hard route. The slopes were sometimes 13% and sometimes seemed even more. So I walked a lot and sometimes very much. In one section there was a winding narrow road steep down ending in a ford. I was a meter or 45 lower. After that I was went through the stream the road began to climb again. After a hundred meters of climbing was as flat part and I came to a sign bearing the warning that this road was not fit to drive with a caravan, and below the arrow of the bike route. I actually thought the steepness of the slope was not suitable for cyclists. After that single flat piece went climbing on and it was at the end of the 'walk' again I was 230 meters higher.


Next to the climbing (quite a lot of it) it was hot away fram the seaside but also foggy weather near the coast.

In Eyemouth I had lunch. I ate fresh pies and pasties I bought at a bakery near the seaside. They ate delicious.

After Eyemouth went well and I was the Scottish / English border country.

Around three o'clock I got Berwick in sight. Just after the crossing the A1 it went haywire.

My chain broke and got stuck in my rear derailleur. Therefore, this was bent and broke a spoke.

I tried to make the chain and derailleur but I did not succeed and there was a bike-shop is required.

Fortunately, an English cyclist came to my aid. She contacted the bike shop in Berwick and, after my chain broke again we walked to the bicycle-shop.The owner and I then spent from a quarter to four to nine oçlock to repair the damage.

Ultimately, there was not much to do with the old parts so the chain is replaced (by three bicycle chains linkt together). The rear sprocketblock, the derailleur and the middle chainring have also been replaced. (If you replace one thing the other must of course replaced to.)

Again, an experience how a holiday cyclist is treated. Coming just before closing time, you will still will be helped and being there for four hours of work but £ 30, - is charged. While tinkering we have some fun all talked to each other.

At nine o'clock I cycled to the campsite. After about 120 meters one of the connecting links broke and the chain is loose again. I had the chain soon mended, you will surely understand I was moer practiced.

Then on a slope I switched  back from the second to the smallest gear and shot the chain landed between the two sprockets. I could only get chain out by unscrewing the gears. Soon there was enough slack to the chain again to get it out.

Around a quarter past nine I arrived at the campsite. Marcel and Dirk have picked me up at the entrance and taken to the 'hut'. There we exchanged stories. Marcel and Dirk do have to wait very long for me, and also had what it made ​​during the train journey. Around half past ten I finally ate some and I take a shower.

Dirk still has problems with his knees and continues tomorrow in Berwick one day left. He will come on their own to Blyth. Marcel goes tomorrow with a ride with me.

We wernt to bed early


Dnbar to Berwick

Because Marcel and my knee tendon we decided to address to Berwick, where the next camp was the train. The day before had dad and uncle (we thought) two reservations for bikes posted. After having bought tickets and seat more than an hour and forty five minutes of waiting on the platform the train finally came.

Unfortunately when it began in earnest thing: the moment the conductor threw his sullen look on our recumbents, he immediately began to sputter and did not really wanted to let us on the train. The bikes would not fit in the boxes, and there was already one of the three bike boxes (read: narrow vertical boxes with a handle to very specific sizes to hang children's) occupied. Fortunately, the kind Samaritan apparently never is far to seek, in our times of need because the owner of the bicycle in question turned up to no one's surprise, except for the conductor to be grumpy. Extremely friendly and helpful Scot While Marcel and I lifted our luggage inside with, some creativity and hope puzzling both recumbent on board and in the arid boxes hoisted under the supervision of a growling, agitated conductor. After attempting to discharge with a joke that was very badly received, the situation the train began still happily rolling direction. Berwick Unfortunately (fortunately?) It appeared that we had only booked to the consternation of the already ruffled conductor. Single bicycle reservation I told him that he was pedaling. Us out at the next station Let the next station that way now just happens to be Berwick. During the ride I got cozy with the helpful Shot are bullshitting about everything and nothing, and the ride went forthe rest without problems.

After arriving in Berwick and some thunder with elevators to get to the exit of the station we were finally on our way to the campsite where our hiker waiting. Upon arrival it was found mainly orphans, although I after a few nights in a small tent it personally as a palace really liked. From a small square box with four sleeping places and a socket Marcel and I have made ​​ourselves completely useless cozy and delicious genikst, and after the news of extreme chunks in Pa at the restaurant of the campsite something to eat.

Evening proved my tendon only have to go back, and so we have three of us decided that I would continue to address. Bus to the B & B in Columbia, the day after an additional day in Berwick