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Sunday, 2014 -07-27

The Dirk’s report follows after mine.

This morning, Marcel and I were up on time. Last night it rained heavily, but the day started full of sunshine. The air was pretty refreshed. Along a beautiful route we drove to Lynmouth. On the way we ate an ice cream at Creswell.

For me, it was hard to climb. I could only use the middle blade.If I switched to the smallest blade of the front derailleur from the middle leaves than the chain always got stuck between the 1st and 2nd blade. When I switched to the largest blade all went well. If I switched back to the middle blade, the chain fell between the smallest and middle blades. Important  was therefore not to shift.

At the rear derailleur the lowest gear also just not worked. That made it extra tough climb all together.

Fortunately there were not that many long slopes today. In any case, enough to have pain in the knees tin he end of the day. (And made three)

After Lynmouth route went along many A-roads. Or on a separeted bicycle path.  Always with a lot of noise from cars next to you. We often had to stop over to stabbing. Really riding in a constant tempo was not possible.

Eventually we arrived around half past four in the B & B above the pub. Dirk came quickly, and we were right back with the three together. Marcel and I have just a nice shower and then we go into Blyth for good food for little money. Now I'm just above this typing. Dirk and I will then have a drink in the pub downstairs and ask if there is a repair shop in Blyth to get. Well my gears

Downstairs they have Hobgobblin draught (the real English 'beer pump', not under pressure from the barrel but pulled) ..........


Berwick to Blythe

After an excellent and varied breakfast (surprise!) steak and onion pies, I had my junk packed the tent tidy and I waited with bike and luggage at the reception for the van.

This came right on time to, and after yet with some creative solutions, everything was loaded. On the way to Blythe, I just sat and talked with the driver, and after a smooth journey we arrived at the B & B.

I have after parking the bike and unloading the luggage a nice shower. According to the locals, there was nothing actually to see or experience in Blythe, so I only walked to the beach for a quiet typing of the report of the last few days

And then a dense cloud arrived and rain to splash, so I am going back to the B & B so I can wait there, as a faithful watchdog, for Pa and Marcel.