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Monday, 2014-07-28

This morning we as usual, got up early. All things were packed farly fast. At 8 o'clock we had our English (Dirk and I), or a continental breakfast (Marcel).

After breakfast we loaded the bikes and our firts stop was a bike shop.

Adjusting the gears of my bicycle took an hour. Eventually he only charged a new cable for the front derailleur with us making the promiss  that we once had to return to Blyth.  

After this visit, all gears worked at least better. 'Working properly' will require two changes, but that can only be done at home.

Then we cycled at ease to the boat.

Marcel had a lot of problems with his knees and after ten kilometers, Dirk again had problems with his tendons.

We made it to the boat all together.

It is another boat with other staff. We had to wait at some point with the bikes and then we were pointed to a spot on the boat to leave our bikes.

Then we were left alone.

We were lucky to find the way to our cabin Now we have an inside cabin. Which is much smaller than that of the previous boat. We also miss a window of course.

Later food and some lazyness and early to bed.