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Tuesday, 2014-07-29

This morning we had again a expanded breakfast and made ​​a hefty lunch.

At least, Dirk and I; Marcel would be picked up at the boat by Hella.

Since we were on a half deck and also the back side, it took a long time before we finally could get off the boat.

Hella was already waiting for us and we immediately began to unload the bicycles as far as possible.

I got the bike rack out of the car booth, when it appeared that the keys to the locks had not come along.

Poor Hella ...... .We could only  the luggage into the car and we went cycling the three of us.

In Driehuis we first drank real Dutch coffee before we went on.

We used the same track as on the way in.

Dirk and Marcel had to suffer pain to their knees. Then we had to stop briefly. The trip went well until we arrived at Moordrecht. Dirk suffered so much, he had to stop. Marcel phoned Hella and she came, along with Jorai, across the street from the ferry from Moordrecht to Gouderak.

Jorai walked with the bike of Dirk home, Dirk got in the car with Hella and Marcel and I went cycling to Iependaal.

There we showered and ate and worked on a solution to get Dirk with his belongings in Middelburg.

Marcel will bring Dirk with bike and luggage to Middelburg. They also take over a part of my stuff.

I'm going to cycle tomorrow.