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Wednesday, 30-07-2014

This morning I was early on the road. Hella had to work so she had to leave on time.

From Gouderak I 'popped' in to the polder and after a beautiful ride through the flat landscape of South Holland, I returned to the triangle ferry in Krimpen-aan-de-Lek.

I had a setback; they just had an hour break. Of course I trieded if they ......

An hour later than planned I arrived at Ridderkerk. There it was very busy obviously, while I was  the only passenger.

After Ridderkerk came Barendrecht and the South Holland islands. I cycled all the way through the Heinenoordtunnel.

 Now I also felt my knees, after the problems with the gears

On Haringvlietbrug I was lucky; the bridge operator waited until I was over the bridge before he opened it. Fine.

The wind rotated more to the west-southwest, so I had more and more head wind. After the dams of the Gravelinge I arrived at Schouwen Duiveland.

There was to take another hurdle: the Zeeland Bridge. I find all almost as bad as the Afsluitdam, especially if you cross on your own. There seems to be no end to it (the Afsluitdijk is worse, which is umpth times as long).

After the bridge on Noord Beveland I followed a familiar route and soon I passed Wolphaartsdijk and I arrived at the beginning of Walcheren.

Well, once you've had Arnemuiden you are almost at home.

When I enterd the street I saw, as a welcome, the flag; I have cycled the whole ten days.

In the back garden my tent was allready drying. Dirk had arrived earlier that morning with the luggage.

Liesbeth had fixed the tent for me.

Of course she had to take a picture of my, now, hairy face made. I had not shaved the whole trip.

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