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Saturday, 22-08-2015

I had the alarm clock set for 6:15 this morning. Because the routine was back in a moment, I had everything at 8:00 am on the bike and I rode off at 8:15 pm, toward the sun. Until Bergen op Zoom I had driven the route a few weeks back, so it was not really surprising. Luckily it was now fine weather. It remained like that for the rest of the day. According to my odometer it was around five thirty still 30 degrees. From Bergen op Zoom I drove to Breda via a nice route. Along the way I have bought a bottle of juice for the vitamins.

Around half past twelve I was at Dirk and we have put the bike in the corridor near his studio again. We have drunk coffee and he showed me what the progress was with his summer job project. he has shown me the publicity video with him in it. They had it made for the master's program at the NHTV

Around half past one we have put the bike again in the elevator and I went en route again

At Gilze-Rijen was a Spitfire at the stunting in the air. The sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine is so characteristic, that I already knew what was flying, before I saw it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !!!

In Oisterwijk I also did some shopping and going along the cycle route of the Cyclists' Union, I was quickly on site at Best. The tent is up in the sun and I sit in the shade typing this.

I was struck today that best compliments I ever got on the bike and the luggage. In Roosendaal found a lady my bike very comfortable looking. In Tilburg a man was thinking it was very sporty and in Oisterwijk I was told that it was a beautiful bike.

Of course I always agreed.