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Sunday, 23-08-2015

In all ease I woke up this morning because the museum where I liked to go to would only be open around 10 o’clock. I arrived there five to ten. At ten o'clock I was the first visitor of the day, and it was still quiet enough to ask if I could put my bike in a safe place. That was possible at the reception; there was a meeting room where I could put the bike against the seats.

The ticket was the next thing to get into the museum. There was a lot to see and the displays were of a high standard. This museum to is again run by a group of volunteers

After visiting the museum it was really slog upwind. The wind came from the south east, about the way I was going. The wind had made a lot of dead material from the trees ending up on the cycling paths. So besides headwind was also there a lot of dead wood on the route.

At one point I felt that my rear tire was getting soft and sure enough it was leaking. In the driveway of a house, I replaced the tube. I could not find the leak with so much wind in the trees. Today or tomorrow I will mend the inner tire.

After a short visit to a British war cemetery I arrived at the mini-campsite in Overloon.

There I found a place among the trees. The tent was put up soon after that, paying the camping site and a short phone call with Elizabeth.

After showering the culinary violence in a stainless steel pan took place. Pasta with pesto just one year out of the date (it runs in the family; let's hope that there will be no more 'runs')

An impending storm tonight and I was, after the first drops, sitting under the roof of the bicycle shed. Not really cozy and today I have again seen enough bike.

It was very annoying that my e-reader had broken during the trip and I could not read. I've only been reading in the information folder of the site until it was bedtime.