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Monday, 24-08-2015

Last night it rained, but fortunately it was dry this morning. The only drops were falling from the trees.

Taking it easy I got up and I had breakfast. I was awake far too early for the opening of the museum in Overloon.

Around half past eight I took my, now very light, bike to cycle to Overloon. The bike was light, because I really left my whole house at the campsite. Before I left I asked the owner of the campsite today whether they wanted to charge my laptop.

The route to the museum went through the forest and the forest trail had many deep puddles thanks to the rain last night. Because I was too early, I first explored the village so I easily can do the shopping.

At ten o'clock, I fastened my bike with a lock on the gate of the museum and I was the first at the box office (again)

I spent five hours in the museum and seen and read. The theme of the museum was called the battle of Overloon; the largest tank battle on Dutch soil. But they gave also much explanation about the years before the war, leading up to it and carrying it. With great attention also to the resistance in Netherlands

Fully overloaded, I came out and I went shopping. Of course without a list so you forget some things.

At the campsite , I picked up my laptop again and I was invited for a cup of coffee. We had some time talking with each other about Eindhoven, Phillips and two faiths share a pillow.

Now the sun is shining and I sit in my chair typing the report; life cannot get better?

Again I spent the evening under the roof of the bicycle shed for the on and off rain. I have also eaten there and again read some tourist information.