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Tuesday, 25-08-2015

This morning I was up at six. During the night it rained a lot. This morning it was dry, but I have everything moved to the bike shed as a precaution. There I had breakfast. Finally I packed up a wet tent.

The trip went well and, because I had wind from the back.

Near Gennep began to get very cloudy and when I tried to bike along a moutainbike path through the mud it started to rain. Cycling was no longer possible, walk hard in all the mud. I just went to shelter under some trees.

Later, I got wet to Groesbeek. First I went shopping and then I went to the State Forest campsite On the way to the campsite I bought a book and postcards.

I share the field with grass and rabbits. Furthermore, there seems to be one camper much further. Surreal.

After that I had put up my tent and had a late lunch. Having eaten I went to the museum

Now I can truly say I've seen and heard a lot already. Focus of this museum is the liberation of Nijmegen and the bridge over the river.

They also had a large collection of model airplanes from the years 39-50. In one of the showcases I found a model of a Seiran. It was a Japanese waterplane used by really big submarines. The idea was to go to the eastern coast of the America’s and drop some bombs.

My new bike is also called a Seiran. Challenge, the manufacturer names the present bikes after Japanese storm names. (before they used names like twister, hurricane, now it is more like fujin, seiran, chamsin…)

When I was back on the camp ground, I sat typing and charge the phone under a shed roof. At one time there was an elderly woman arriving on the bike with camping gear. She ultimately put her tent up next to mine. For fun.

Food and reading I have done under the same roof while the phone still hung on the charger.

When it was dark I went to sleep.