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Wednesday 26-08-2015

This morning I up at 6.00 pm. My breakfast and lunch I've make it under the shelter where I spent last night. In any case, my neighbour was not troubled so early.

After breakfast, I started packing and loading. The neighbour was awake and occasionally we had a chat. Thus the work went not as fast as normally. Thus I left only at 9.00.

I took a slightly different route from Groesbeek to Nijmegen than planned: along and partially over a railroad track that was no longer used. Assent and descent then goes gradual than just straight over the mountain.

In Nijmegen I was planning to go with my loaded bike to the Challenge 'factory', but the exit that I had thought, turned out to be a very steep stairs; I just moved on.

Just after Elst I took a break and I discovered that I had arrived at the edge of the Roman Empire: the Limes. Also in Elst were things excavated from that period. The Batavians were discussed at the information board. In the haste leaving I forgot my cap. At least, I thought later on.

I arrived early at the camp and I, after enrolling first, set up the tent, so it could dry. After each night rain I had to pack things moistly.

Then I went to the Airborn Museum. So I now I had the whole operation Market Garden. I bought a new cap in the museum shop. The logo is Pegasus, the logo of the museum, but also the name that was given to the rescue operation that the British and Polish paratroopers had to pick from the north bank.

While I was setting the tent earlier this day, there was a group of students along with some teachers. Something of college or university doing fieldwork. It made me curious and I'm obviously went to have a chat. They were PABO students who would meet as the start of the block environmental studies with a number of aspects of fieldwork. I was invited to the evening a lecture on river fish and then to go fishing with a zeegnet, to see what fish were in the Rhine. I had to think about it, as a book and a beer in a comfy chair would also be very attractive.

Tonight I'll eat at the campsite, but I have it to cooked for me.

In the cafeteria they had two different quiches, fortunately organic. I chose a half of any kind with a big of salad. I'm washed it down with a Weissbier, mmmmmmm.

During dinner began the break from the campground owners, but I could stay in order to charge my phone again. When the break was over, and the phone is loaded, I walked with the site owner outside, and we saw at once the cap I thought I had lost. A beige cap against beige paintwork is not easily seen!

I'm on my chair at the opening of the tent  sitting with book and beer, but I was curioes about the fish lecture. So I went. Luckily I already knew many. After the lecture I went along and I stayed for one draw with the net, and I've looked at the catch. Then I went back to the tent while they would still make another trek. When  I came to the tent it begun to rain and I went quickly to the facility building to brush my teeth. Back in the tent, the storm broke loose rain and very strong winds. I was glad I had put down the tent with every possible guy rope. So I'm going to sleep