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Thursday, 27-08-2015

The day started promising. I knew that rain was coming, so I got up early to pack everything as fast as possible and have as early as possible everything on the bike. I was ready at 8:15 pm. The first part was quite hilly and there were quite a few nasty climbs. The worst was that of the Grebbeberg: 7%. I did not go fast, but I made it cycling.

On the mountain, I watched the Dutch Field of Honour with the accompanying information centre. Outside was a man of the War Department doing maintenance work. You could clearly see that he did so with respect and attention. When I left I told him so, and he was pleased with the compliment.

Furthermore, it went through forests on hills, along floodplains. A 'calves challenging' landscape. Until then I did not suffer from the wind and it was still dry. That changed when I was at Wijk bij Duurstede crossing the Rhine by ferry. It started to rain and blow. Fortunately there was a snack bar at the ferry and I went for French fries to eat. Along with me there was also a group of high school students and their teachers on the bike crossing with me. Clearly something of a workweek or so. I therefore had a chat with one of the teachers. VMBO Basic class 3 sport a kind of introduction activity camp in an outdoor centre.

Thrpugh the rain I drove. In Geldermalsen, I made the usual groceries shoppings. After that there was only a little bit more to go to the campsite. Like a drowned cat I arrived there. The camp boss showed me first the common room and the showers and toilets. If it keeps raining I may lay down my mat in the common room. To set up the tent in the rain, she also found it a bad idea. My cooking I have to do in the dishwashing room.

Around six o'clock it was dry and I put up the tent just for my own peace. Then I went cooking dinner and I have some reading until dark.