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Friday, 28-08-2015

This morning I was up again around 6am. I was at 8:25 pm on the road again. Till I arrived at Vuren, it went smoothly. The route planner wanted me to cross over with a ferry of Fort Vuren to the other side and from there cycling to Werkendam.

When I called the indicated information number I was told it was not a ferry but a water taxi and that you had to reserve at least one hour in advance. The man advised me to cycle to Gorinchem, slightly further to the west. From there, I could take the ferry directly to Werkendam.

That seemed like a good plan, and therefore I went to Gorinchem and I quickly found the ferry service. The ferry was very fast. With a speed of 31km / h we were soon in Werkendam.

Out of Werkendam I cycled toward the next ferry; which goes to "the head of the land." Work on the depoldering was already much further than the last time I came along in 2013. Just before the ferry, I have eaten some of my lunch.

With the ferry I crossed from the Brabantse Biesbosch in the Dortse Biesbosch. Here was workgoing on raising the dikes. The result was that I had to detour near Dordrecht a few kilometres.

Finally I cycled across the Moerdijk Bridge; something I had wanted to do for a long time!

The first village you encounter is obviously Moerdijk. There was plenty of decoration for the upcoming celebration of 70 years of liberation. Judging by the flags, Polish soldiers liberated Moerdijk.

Just outside Moerdijk I saw a man driving a Ford A on a trailer, but I also saw a Renault Duaphine. I could not resist to go to have a look and a chat.

A bit farther, it went to Zevenbergen. Just outside Zevenbergen I ate the remaining  of my lunch. On to Klundert, the last village before the campsite. I've done it my groceriesshopping.

I was coming from Klundert easily at the campsite. This is around the former fortress Bovensluis.

On the field are more cyclists and with a German couple I've made a chat.

I'm clean again showered and so again limitless cooking.