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Saturday 29-08-2015

This morning, some guests of the camp left early from the parking lot. In itself not bad, but the parking was behind the hedge which stood behind my tent. The result was that I was awake at 5.30. Well, you just go to work ....

The consequence of that was that I left the campsite just before eight. The sun was up and it was fairly clear. After Willemstad, where the route went around, I passed fort Hell. That does not sound very cheerful. But you know where Hellegat got its name and where the junction which is named again after the village.

Over all dams and bridges I came Goeree Overflakkee. From that point on it was a route I cycled last year did. You see much of the same.

The trip went so smoothly that I arrived home at 13:15.

The tent is drying, much is airing and much can be cleaned. Now  all there is to do is stowing away everything .............