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Wednesday 27-07-2016

To get the boat from 7:30 I should depart at 07.00. This is mostly achieved thanks to Elizabeth. I had plenty of time on the boat. Check-in was not staffed yet and I needed some time to figure out how I could buy a ticket. But I managed with some difficulty.

At eight o'clock I arrived in Breskens. Through Boerenhol, Groede and then along the state road I cycled to Sluis. From Sluis I cycled along the canal to Bruges. In Bruges I went along the canals to the channel to Ostend.

I went towards Nieuwvliet at a fork in the channel. The wind was already quite hard and off Bruges I had the wind against me. Although I catch less wind on a recumbent, it was still hard work.

In Newport, I took the Frontzate. This is the route of a railway line from Diksmuide to Nieuwpoort for WW1. During this war, the dyke of the railroad, in the plain around the iron front formed between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide. Along the railway are the remains of the front of 14-18 can be found, along with monuments.

Because I was so early I've been drove to the ‘doden gang’. This is a monument to the frenzy of WW1. From there I went back to the track to do some shopping at the Delhaize. This was along the bike path. After shopping I came along the Iron Tower.

From the Iron Tower I arrived early at the campsite.

The campsite’s name is Iron Farm and has been around a long time. However, in recent years this strongly dilapidated and should no longer be a campsite. A grandson took over the site and since last year made improvements. Not everything is already up and running, but for € 6, - for one night and hot water for free, you cannot expect everything to be perfect. It was absolutely the best campsite of the whole trip. My tent was up at 15.15 and I went to freshen up.

The report I started typing after that with a nice bottle of cold beer at hand. While I was typing there was another Dutchman who also follows the Green Valleys route. He comes from Naarden and drove to Damme in two days. From there he drove along the coast via the NF1. Even though its point of departure the day closer, he has cycled almost as much as I.

After typing I went to 'cook dinner’ Just the first pack of food adventure. I used to much water and therefore the food was less firm than intended.

After dinner I've read what I turned in early.