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Thursday, 28-7-2016

I turned in very early night, so this morning I was up around six. The result of the early waking was that I was on the bike around eight. And yet today I had not so much cycling to do. The first village I came along was Sint Jacobskapelle. This town has a chapel and statue dedicated to the pilgrimage to Santiago de la Compostela. In previous years I had seen the statue, but I was always gone before I could very well take a photo of it.

While I wanted to take the photo, I was approached by a man I had just before saluted. If I was a pilgrim and if the bike was comfortable.

The route followed the valley of the Iron and gradually the road climbed higher. In the beginning I drove over dikes along the Iron while the country was much lower. Later, the land was getting higher and drier. Agriculture changed from livestock farming

The small villages have beautiful names like Elephant

The region is a farming area with relatively small fields. There is a lot of flax growing here and after harvesting it was not just seeing lie flat on the field, but also retracted neatly. The latter you do not see in the Netherlands. After flowering it is cut and then they let it rot in the fields.

The border between Belgium and France I passed Oost Cappel. After all the events in Paris and Brussels, I was expecting border surveillance but monitoring was symbolically through statue of a Belgian border guard.

Since I had all the time, I thought first go visit a museum in Wormhout then. But that was only open at 14.00 and that was me a wait too long. I was around 12:00 in Wormhout. It really is a nice village in...... .France, really, although it has a Flemish name.

In Esquelbeque I ate my bread. There's a castle from the 16th-17th centuries. It is unfortunately not open to the public.

 Many buildings in Esquelbeque were built with two colour brick. With the two colours they had made all kinds of patterns in the walls.

Out of Esquelbeque I was in Bollezeele. First I went shopping at the Aldi. I had made the route so that I would come along there. After the shopping, I went to the campsite.

The "camp boss" was not there (yet), and I was assigned a place in a large mobile home pitch. I set up my tent and went to shower. After showering, I went looking for the person whom I could pay. It took me a while but did work.

After checkout, I'm went to make my ‘dinner’. When the sun was out it began to be freshen up and I sat down in my tent to read out of the wind.

Again I turned in early