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Friday 29-07-2016

Because it was raining and cold last night I went early to bed. The result was that I was also was up early again.

Thus, I soon had everything back on the bike. Around 8:15 pm I rolled off the campsite.

I had to go from the green valley of the Iron to that of the Aa. After some climbing and pretty much wind I arrived fast at Watten. On top of the mountain I first viewed the remains of an abbey and an old mill. After that, the lovely ascend, so let it roll ... ..

Then I had to cross Watten to the other side of the town. Because the market, I had to walk.

When I crossed the Aa, I came first in the wetlands around Watten. After some climbing I came quickly to the Blockhaus Eperlecques. This is a giant bunker. During World War II V1 and V2 rockets were put together and fired from there. The whole exhibition not only told about this bunker but also about the forced labour and the prosecution of whole populations by the Germans. All in all I stayed there for 1.5 hours.

Then the driving went pretty disappointing. First I followed the river valley up river. Then I had to go to the next valley, the Wimereux.

I had a lot of climbing to do and I was tired and hungry. Both not good to stay focused. At a point where I had to cross a roadI fell with the bike. The bicycle with all the luggage was right over. Difficult if you're under such a packed bicycle. My elbow was skinned. I've pathed it up again. What I could not mend with a patch, was the mirror; which was demolished in the fall.

After the patch up I therefore first had to eat.

After lunch the route went along many secondary roads The last valley of the day had to be entered by a long slope.

That slope was especially tough by the strong winds. From le Wast route followed the valley of the Wimereux. The road rippled up and down. The valley lying towards the coast and therefore I had a hard wind in my face.

Luckily I arrived quickly at the campsite. This was something beyond the village Conteville les Boulogne. It was an old farmhouse with a riding school there and two fields for campers.

I wanted a place near an hook-up point. So I could recharge the phone and the netbook.

When I had made camp, a French family came along. Of course my recumbent stand out. I immediately had to dust of my French to answer all kind of questions; ".. is it comfortable….., you will not hurt your neck ... you do not .fall backwards when riding up a slope ... "

I have washed off the sweat and dust of the day. The meal was again easy to prepare.

After dinner I've just used the free Wi-Fi at the campsite to work on the blog

That evening I turned in early again.