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Saturday, 30-07-2016

This morning I was late for my doing; however at 06.45. That did not matter because the day’s trip would not be too long. I'm was comfortable going to make lunch and had a firm breakfast. I had bought British MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). The package had to be warm up in hot water and then you could eat them right away. Warming up I did in my coffee water. That had to be called .... After opening then sat and baked beans with bacon, sausage and egg. Along with some slices of bread and a mug of coffee a good start of the day.

All in all, I left therefore only at 08.15 am, when the rest of the campground was awakening.

I first drove back to Le Wast and there the Green Valleys route really caught on. The first part, so far, I followed the North Sea route from Den Helder to Bouloggne sur Mer.

I came from the valley of Wimereux and had to climb a lot (and again some valleys) to come into the valley of the Liannè. Then I had to climb a hill to get in Desvres. Desvres is a city which has a comprehensive ceramics industry for ages. There is also a museum. But that was in a valley with a very steep slope, and therefore I not been to it.

Immediately after Desvres there was another steep climb to get to the valley of the Course. And so a nice walk to the top and a earned rest on a bench.

The Valley Course is a very idyllic valley with small villages. The route follows the flow of the Course and it was therefore easy a long slope down. In Beussent I ate my lunch. That was easy to see that this valley is where the English will want to have a look.

Where the Course flows in to the Canche, is the town of Montreuil sur Mer. Now you would think that it is on the sea, but that is not (any longer). However, in the Middle Ages it was the most important seaport of northern France. Over the centuries, the town developed into a high-walled fortress.

Despite the fact that the connection to the sea siled completely, the perimeter wall is maintained. Apparently a strategically important town.

Inside the walls the city is filled with all kinds of beautiful buildings from a bygone time.

In the 'lower town' just outside the fortress walls was the campsite. I got a place on a hard to reach terrace. I really should have had it for myself, but I have shared it with an older couple. They were on the way back from a round  of the channel. We have of course discussed their and my route. In was once more the usefulness of netbook. I put my route on their GPS, so that they could follow it back to the Netherlands. My route would contain less steep slopes.

From the campsite, I have visited the city twice on foot; once for shopping and when I came back I realized that I had forgotten to get some postcards. So back to the city again. Which turned in two steep walks.

After the walks and writing the cards, I'm going to 'cook' again.

This day I again turned in early. I should have a full night sleep, where it not for the annual performances of 'Les Miserables'. They were performed on the ramparts. In terms of and Around one o’clock heavy fireworks went off, so I sat up upright in my sleeping bag. The performances of 'Les Miserables' in Montreuil is because it is the birthplace of Victor Hugo.

This weekend fell around his day of birth.

Having understood to have not the third world war or the hobby of IS took place, I'm going back to sleep.