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Sunday, 31-07-2016

After a restless night I was this morning not up really early. After getting up, much went wrong.

All in all I was therefore only after nine on the road.

The route followed the valley of the Canche. Lots of nice villages along the route, lots of sunshine so nice warm.

Somewhere halfway through the ride I arrived at Hesdin. I saw a good example to the production of tiles in Desvres.

In Hesdin I wanted to buy stamps and mail the postcard. It was Sunday, so how do you buy stamps in France? Right, you visit a Tabac; there is always everything for sale, from tobacco to alcohol and lottery notes, but also stamps. Diagonally opposite the Tabac was a mailbox and I've put the cards in it. When I returned to the bike it had keeled over. Getting the bike up I snagged the tube of my air horn came between the steering wheel. The result was that the tube leaked and the air hissing out. Another repair job for at home.

My trip target of this day was a camping in Frévent. In Frévent was an organized a flea market in the street where I had to go. Walking slowly was a long way with the fully loaded bike.

The campsite is a slum; dirty fields with dog waste without shade or gravel fields with shade. The toilet blocks are already half demolished by the permanent campers. Ready for renovation. I'll have to do with it. The announced Wi-Fi only existed as a sticker on the door of the bar.

I have showered, eaten and went to bed; more to experience was not possible because I was the only passer.

All in all, not a day to really be happy.