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Monday, 01-08-2016

Today it would be a long ride of about eighty kilometres. Because there would be still four rivers / streams on the route I did look up to it. Four valleys means at least four climbs. Early to bed is again up early.

The turd on my field had got a brother tonight. The size of it could make you jealous if you are into making big turds.

I first went for grooming and washing. Then I made breakfast. The burner did it just fine, so the 'English breakfast' was warm again. Of course, I raised my lunch. and packed everything in. So I was already gone at 08.15.

It was beautiful weather, even though the day began hazy. That last night was a lot of moisture in the air I could mark with packing the tent; it was was soaked.

I started with the Canche valley farther upstream to drive right up to the source. Then there was a ridge to the valley of the Gy.

Despite the climb that had to be done, the going quite fast. Also because my legs getting better able to handle the climbs.

The Gy flows in the Scarpe at Arras. Along the north side of Arras I cycled on the towpaths along the Scarpe. The Scarpe is channelled for shipping and you come at locks and dams to regulate the water level. The towpath is next to the water and is therefore relatively flat.

The trail left the Scrape at Pelves to go back over a ridge into the valley of the Sense.

At Sailly en Ostrevent I reached the Sense itself. This stream flows through a rather swampy valley. At Palluel is the stream is the chandelled again in the Sense channel. I was again using the towpaths again, so I made great progress.

I followed the trail to Aubigny au Bac. There was the campsite of that day.

If a city name is XXX au Bac, than there used to be a ferry across the channel. Now these ferries are replaced by bridges for a long time. The last fact is easily spotted because the bridges have long seen any paint.

Despite the 81 km I arrived at 15:00 at the campsite and I could go put my tent up.

After the shower of that day, the administration and the food, I turned in early again.