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Tuesday, 2-8-2016

During the night it started to rain and actually it did not become dry all day.

Under the big willow for the tent I had fortunately still a dry spot for breakfast. After visiting the sanitation I'm first going to pack everything as much as possible. It was just a little dry.

When everything was packed up in the tent I started making packed lunches and I had breakfast. This time, only bread. The MRE’s are all gone.

When I had just finished breakfast it started to rain again. In the rain I only quickly packed up the tent and I loaded everything on the bike. At 08.00 I rolled the bike off the campsite and I was looking again at the Sense.

There I was treated to a pretty sight: an old, small barge pushed by a larger newer barge. They were firmly bonded to each other.

At Wasnes au Bac, I left the Green Valleys Route to cycle to the Scheldt.

The climb was not too bad today. It rained all day.

When I wanted to check the card just by the side of the road I slipped on the greasy brown clay. Now I fell to the right. My right side under the clay and the bike took quite a bit of it.

I thought it would rain off, but that stuff is so sticky that there over time almost nothing was rained off.

After some going up and down I passed at Rumegies the border between France and Belgium. Here, again, was to find a staue of a border guard. In this case, a French border guard given the kepi he had on. The guardhouse was open and there was a few things to information on the walls. I had my lunch there; the bread was at least still dry; I was wet to the skin now.

I realized as I looked at the map, I should have been close to Tournai. I estimated still to have to cycle about 20 km.

In Brunehaut I arrived at the Scheldt. I followed it to Tournai (Doornik, but you should not say it Wallone.)

After 59 km I arrived at the campsite of the day. I went to ask if there are cabins or mobile homes were available so I could dry everything and still would have some comfort themselves. Unfortunately not.

The desk man referred me to the hostel (la maison de jeunesse). He had named the street where it should be.

Using my GPS, I found the inn tacking all the way. The GPS is not a TomTom kind of thing where you just set your goal and then he (or she) brings you there.

On the door was a note that they would be "complete". But I thought I'm going to ask it anyway. I stood there in the reception as drowned rat asking in my best French or they had a room for one person available. Luckily there was just one and I got a great room for myself. With shower and sink.

I'm going to first have a nice freshen up and I was able to finally put on dry clothes.

I have all the wet stuff but hung to dry. It was quite a junk shop. The bicycle with tent and the cooking bags is locked up.

When I was clean and fresh, I first called Liesbeth.

I then explored the building. At the reception I asked if they wanted to reserve a room for me for tomorrow in Ghent and they've done for me. Tomorrow will be another rainy day .......

Tonight I eat pizza at the inn with just a nice bottle of Tournai's beer. Then go to bed.