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Wednesday, 03-08-2016

From my room window I could see that it was still raining. I packed up all the dry things again and was at 7.30 at breakfast. In my best French, I made it clear that I forgot to order a lunch the day before. First the lady in the kitchen did a little difficult, but she turned in and I gave me a bag to put my sandwiches in.

I did extensive breakfast.

When loading the bike it was raining slightly but gradually it began to rain harder. The rain has really for the rest of the day; it never became dry.

I had the track for today adjusted, so I could easily get from the hostel to the route and would arrive in Ghent at the youth hostel door.

In doing so I first passed the Tournai Belfry and then along the Scheldt the water gate which is across the river Scheldt.

This time I have a path on the right of the Scheldt. Other times we took advantage of the tow paths or hiking trails, as they call it in Belgium, on the left bank. Because the relatively flat lie you can get along fine.

I had opted for the scenic route of the LF30. I have not always followed the towpaths but went sometimes more inland. The right bank is actually the high bank of the Scheldt. You cannot escape occasionally some small climbs. It is a beautiful route but it would be really beautiful had the sun shined.

In Kluisberg I came across the linguistic border in Belgium; finally able to speak Dutch, without thinking about all the words. In Kluisbergen I took a bike trail on a former railway line and so I went very fast. When in Gent it was a creep in, creep through along the water, over the water and under the bridge to get to the old town centre.

Around 14:15 I was at the hostel. I got the bike and camping gear put under lock and key and needed only my banana bag and some loose stuff from the bike.

My room was not available until 15:00. So I just go to drain in the main hall.

I fell into a conversation with an English cyclist from London. He rode more or less the same round. Tomorrow he would go to Antwerp. We hope it will be better weather tomorrow.

At the end of the afternoon it was finally dry. I therefore went into town and started to eat French fries. My last meal in Belgium could not be other than French fries with mayonnaise.

I've already set the GPS route home; Now I only have to cycle it.