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Thursday, 04-08-2016

When I woke up this morning I again packed all dried clothes. I could not have breakfast until 08.00. I also ordered a packed lunch which was already waiting for me. I had to make the sandwiches. During breakfast the man from London came back and sat with me and we talk.

There was also a young man from Taiwan who said that we looked at the Dutch with awe. It once was a Dutch colony and if you now had Dutch roots, then it was looked at with envy. I could, in view of our colonial past, not imagine that.

All in all, I left about nine o’clock from the hostel. It was dry, but there was a strong wind. The route meandered through Belgian Flanders and Zeeland Flanders. Sometimes I was downwind, sometimes not.

At Mollekot I ate my lunch in the shelter of the bus. Near the bus shelter was a ANWB mushroom and so I knew that the Netherlands-Belgian border must be close.

The border crossing was really known; during my sponsored track in Belgium I had driven off in the other direction.

I was just was too late for the ferry of 13:03 from Breskens, but I could take the boat from 13:33 hours. It was annoying, because everyone wanted to be first in the boat.

Through all the wind the last few days, there was quite a swell on the Scheldt. I'm just staying close to the bike, because it had a tendency to fall over.

After the arrival was a run again to the out, like as Flushing would be closed.

I've worked through the swarming and am at Flushing station I sat on the bike (lie)

On Walcheren I was downwind and I arrived at 14.30 at home.

At home, I unloaded the bike and we have begun to make everything clean and dry. The tent is already clean and dry, many of my clothes already hanging on the clothesline, the cooking bags are clean and the cooking equipment is already in the dishwasher. In the short, much has been done.

Only the typing the report of this day came as last. Now I have to make the booklet, fill the  Dutch site and translate the text into English ......(The last took some more time due to a study)