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The route I cycled this year is a beautiful route. It was a part of the Green Valleys Route of the European Cyclists. It could just as well be called the green ridge route. Following a valley is easy, you only need to cross a mountain ridge to get into the next valley.

One for the statistics:

27-7-2016 Middelburg Diksmuide 99.43 km

28-7-2016 Dixmude Bollezeele 56.55 km

29-7-2016 Bollezeele Conteville les Boulogne 62.24 km

30-7-2016 Conteville les Boulogne Montreuil-sur-Mer 50.91 km

31-7-2016 Montreuil-sur-mer Frévent 51.56 km

1-8-2016 Frévent Aubigny-au-Bac 81.31 km

2-8-2016 Aubigny-au-Bac Tournai / Doornik 68.34 km

3-8-2016 Tournai Ghent 79.68 km

4-8-2016 Ghent Middelburg 72.29 km

Total 622.31 km.

maximum speed 53.2 km / h but then I started braking.

average speed 17.57 km / h for the entire ride.