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Friday 11-08-2018

I was on time and could have breakfast at 7.30. I enjoyed it and then went looking for my lunch package. In the Youth Hostel they are all very friendly and helpful and after a few questions I was worried.

After breakfast I packed the last things and started charging the bike. Everything at ease because I only had to cycle half of the distance from yesterday. Yet I was already on the road at 8.30 am.

We are working hard on Tournai to redecorate the city. More and more old buildings are being restored and that makes the city more and more attractive.

I cycled out of the city along the Scheldt. Now over the left bank.

Along the Scheldt there were many 'lost-glory-industrial buildings' outside the city. The remains of coal extraction and the lime kilns showed the industrial past of the city well.

The mountains of mining waste were excavated and processed into split and drained via the river.

The lime kilns have other purposes. All in all, it is getting better and better. It could also be that the dry weather played a part there; last year I came in the rain and I did not see it all that way.

At Bléharies I left the Scheldt and climbed again.

Between Rongy and Rumegies I crossed the border between Belgium and France. Even there it looked different because of the sun. The same guard house, with the same statue.

This part of France is very impoverished and the only visible industry are two outdated power plants.

In Abscon I went shopping at the same store as last year. He had changed hands and completely recovered.

While I was eating lunch in front of the store, a Frenchman once came to take a look at the 'velo couche'. That was a nice conversation about cycling. He also wanted to sit on it for a while. It rained a lot during dinner, but when I wanted to go cycling again it was dry again. That is what it has been after a single spet.

Because I only had to cycle half the distance from yesterday, I was at the campsite in Aubigny au bac early. I had to wait three quarters of an hour for the reception to open!

This time I had a place near the new entrance.

After I had built and decorated my tent, I first took a shower and started doing the 'laundry'.

Then I went looking for maps and stamps. I had a lot of time on this day. I was referred to a 'tabac' by the reception. I was able to buy tickets there. They actually had only one kind, so everyone got the same card!

After writing and posting the cards I started typing and I have put my administration back in order.

Then I started cooking food. Then rummage and then back to bed on time.