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Saturday, 12-08-2018

Last night it rained, too bad. But luckily it became dry around seven and I started my morning rituals. When almost everything was ready, it started to rain again. I quickly put on my raincoat and it has not been taken off this day. There was a strong wind and it was not warmer than a grade of 16. That was disappointing.

I went cycling east again along the Sensée canal. Just past Wasnes au Bac the route left the Sensée. I passed Estrun, crossed the A2 and at Thun-l'Evêque the canalized Scheldt.

I followed this only a short distance. From Iwuy another ridge had to be overcome to get to Haspres in the valley of the Selle. I followed this valley, upwards, to Haussy.

From there, another ridge had to go over to the valley Ruisseau des Harpies. From Vertain to Bousies I followed this valley.

Then it was seriously climbing to Fontaine au Bois. From there it again dropped slightly to Landrecies. Through a high steep bridge I cycled over the canal from the Sambre to the Oise. Landrecies is an attractive town with an old city center.

Ascend, I drove to Grand Fayt via nice quiet roads. There is an old water mill just outside the town.

Until Petit Fayt I followed the valley of the little Helpe.

Then the serious climb really started. Occasionally so steep that running was tough too. My last slope was the valley of the great Helpe, near Avesnes sur Helpe.

There I did my shopping and ate something and drank for the supermarket.

Then it was only a relatively short trip to the campsite at Sémeries.

I got a place there with a connection for electricity.

My tent was like that again and after showering I started typing the day report in a log cabin that stood for the children. Clean, dry and out of the wind.

Because of the rain, the wind and all the climbing I thought it was a tiring day

In the tent next to me they have a fight and that goes very hard ... ... Fortunately I do not understand all French!

After dinner I had some reading in the log cabin and I lay in my sleeping bag again.