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Sunday 13-08-2018

This morning I woke up from the snoring of the quarreling neighbor. It is still gray, but dry.

My wet stuff of course was no longer dry. I took it wet with the hope that they would dry at the end of the day. I also packed the tent after breakfast, but wet.

The route followed the valley of the river 'Great Helpe' up to a few kilometers past Eppe Sauvage. In the Helpe they made a dam just after the town of Willies. This has created a fairly large lake. The lake has also immediately become a recreational lake.

Between Baives and Macon I passed the Franco-Belgian border again.

Between Macon and Monceau-Imbrechies I came across a monument commemorating a battle there on September 2, 1944 between an American infantry battalion and a German armored division. In Monceau-Imbrechies a museum is dedicated here.

After some climbing I came to Ravel L156. This is a cycle path on a former railway track.

At the point where I would go on the path, a man was practicing a BMX bicycle in a parking lot. I watched and we got into conversation. While he warned me about the route, that after Chimay there would be some vicious climbs, my standard broke down and my bike fell to the ground. The man helped me to lift the whole weight up.

I have been able to follow the bicycle path until Chimay.

Afterwards it again vigorously plods with spicy climbs. At Vaulx lez Chimay I came in the valley of the brook Eau Blanche. The valley has steep walls and you know that you also have to climb out of the valley.

That happened after Lompret. After that climb it went alternately up and down in the valley of the white water (eau Blanche). It was much warmer that day than the day before. The toil was also sweating immediately.

Eventually after a lot of heavy stairs I came to Mariembourg. An attractive place with many original buildings around the market.

With that I drove out of the town I was surprised because I came along the end of a museum train track! It was complete with ring shed, water tower and a coal loading point.

There were many locomotives and wagons on the site. There was also a steam locomotive of the DB, a Baureihe 52 with bathtub tender.

Just after Mariembourg, the next piece of the Ravel also started on a stretch of railway. Again with a lot of false flat. Sometimes I did not notice that and I thought you were fighting against myself.

At one point I left the Ravel to drive to the campsite in Vodolée.

This is a campsite with many regular guests in mobile homes and the youth is noisy here again. I first set up my tent and then went to the canteen to pay and buy a shower coin. Friendly people in the canteen. We have discussed that education in Belgium is so different. In Flanders, the children in primary school already learn French and Dutch; in Wallonia only French. In high school, pupils can then still choose Dutch. Because it is a difficult language, few choose it. I received a compliment for my French!

After the shower I started typing the daily report. In front of my tent the teenagers played noisily. I kept an eye on them because I was the only tent camper on the field.

I have read something after dinner.

When I thought of going to bed, the boss of the campsite came to send the youth to their caravans and it became completely silent ......