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Tuesday, 15-08-2018

This morning I got up pretty early. I did everything at ease, until I heard the rumble of thunder in the distance. I have just started packing and charging. Around an hour or half past nine everything was on the bike. After saying goodbye to the neighbors on two sides, I rolled down to the Meuse. I had just returned to the cycle route along the Meuse or the rain came down. I therefore quickly put on my raincoat. In the rain I cycled towards Namur.

At a certain moment a velomobile came to meet me at Wépion. This invites conversation, albeit briefly, because it was raining. The Mango rider came from Weert and was on his way the other way. We have exchanged some warnings for work and quality of road surfaces.

At Namur I crossed the Meuse to the right bank. On the left bank was an old factory building. It looked a lot like a factory that I once built for the train track.

Just before Huy, at Wanze I crossed the Maas again. Meanwhile the sun was broken again and I started to do my shopping. Some goodies to eat and some cold to drink. At the Delhaize in Wanze.

After having eaten the goodies and drinking a big drink, I climbed the Meuse valley. It was a steep climb; from 87 meters altitude to 203 meters in less than 4 kilometers. I thought it was a tough climb. Furthermore, the route rippled through the landscape and went pretty quickly even though there was occasionally some climbing.

At Verlaine I took a break to eat and drink.

Through the valley of the river Jeker of Geer I came a long way in the direction of Tongeren. Between Otrane and Lauw I crossed the border between Wallonia and Flanders.

I also had to cross a little hill to get to the valley of the Ezelbeek. It runs through the village of Rutten

From there I was then smooth in Tongeren. Actually faster than I expected. So at 15.15 I was already at the Youth Hostel!

I first unloaded the bike and lubricated the chain. The bags that I did not need are in the bicycle shed with my bike under a roof

I again have a quad room for me alone and my laundry and wet well hangs to dry.

Nice and clean under the shower I tried the local beer. It also tastes more in Tongeren.

Then I started typing the daily report.

After the daily report I went to the restaurant / cafe. The local guests had become louder by the many beers!

The food was made for me. I got a spicy paprika soup followed by a large bowl of spaghetti a la Bolognaise.

After dinner, I had something to eat, but I was tired of the day cycling and I lay there again on time.