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Wednesday, August 16, 1818

I was awake in time to take things easy; there was no breakfast earlier than 8.30 am.

I was the first in the breakfast room. The breakfast was definitely less expensive than in Tournai. But it was also a lot cheaper in Tongeren than in Tournai! I first had a nice breakfast with hard rolls and dots and would just start preparing my lunch package, when I was being addressed by the cook that I took too much bread and that she now had to bake! There was a lot less per person counted.

After breakfast I went to pack the last things and it was time to recharge the bike. Only the key to the bicycle storage door was lost. Then I got the runner from the cook. That helped.

All in all, it was not until nine o'clock that I really got on my way. Still not a crazy start time

I drove the first stretch from Tongeren to Maastricht via the green valleys route. Use was made of the nodes. That occasionally yielded some steep climbs in the Geer / Jeker valley. It was a beautiful route. The route swung back and forth across the language border. It is difficult; do I say good morning or bonjour?

The route also passed the Eben-Emael fort

Once I left the Albert Canal at Kanne, the route became really flat: the towpaths along the canals.

My speed 'immediately' shot up. Between 21 and 24 km / hour were good to do.

At Lanaken I came, via an exit and a bridge, to drive along the Briegden-Neerharen canal. At Oud-Rekem this canal connected to the Zuid Willemsvaart. I have followed this trip to the town of Loze. Along the way I went to the Tongerlo for a short while along the route along the canal to go to the town of Bree to do some shopping. For a change only at the Lidl. That gives a high almost home feeling!

Through the town of Beek I came back to the canal. Only at the town of Lozen I have left the towpaths for good and I crossed the Dutch border via Hamont.

Via Gastel and along Soerendonk I was soon on well-known roads.

So around half past four I was at camping Riestenblik at Leender Strijp.

Because some of the guests knew me, it was kind of coming home.

I first asked for a piece of agricultural plastic from Pieter for under the tent. Then I set up the tent and let it dry again.

While the tent was drying, I went to shower. Then the tent was quickly decorated and dinner was time.

After eating and washing dishes I thought I was going to type, but the pleasant conversations with the various camping guests meant that not a lot of work came.

Later than otherwise, I lay in my tent to go to sleep ... ...