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Thursday, August 17, 1818

The day starts nicely, but the air soon became involved. While the sun was just rising, I was having breakfast and packing. Around half past eight I rolled off the campsite again.

Via Valkenswaard and the outside of Veldhoven I passed the Eindhoven region. In my opinion, I did not get away from it!

Actually it started to rain quickly and it became dry at the end of the afternoon. I cycled on and off with the raincoat.

I travel past villages such as Zandoerle and Toter Fout, along roads of prut over a narrow bike path, through forests and along heaths the route went. A beautiful route through the Brabant landscape.

At one point I arrived in Vessem. There I saw a Waypoint store. That is a supplier of GPS systems. I also meet them every year at the Fiets & Wandelbeurs and could not stop to pop in.

Then I immediately did my shopping at the Emté.

Just after Westelbeers I took a break at a picnic place. I called Liesbeth there. The route went just over the Liesdijk.

Because I had taken a fairly southerly route, I ended up in Belgium. Along Welde I cut a piece off to Baarle Hertog and Baarle Nassau. The border is so erratic there that it looks like you are not going to get out of Belgium.

If I finally thought I was 'Belgium-free', I'll be back in that country via Ulicoten! Via Meerle and Meer I cut another point. When I returned to the Netherlands just before Zundert, I thought it was done now. But no, there was still a little bit of Belgium to go, shivering at Horendonk and Esse, I came to Nispen.

That's why I was in Wouwse Plantage and at the campsite.

A cozy, SVR campsite where I could find a place for myself.

On the way I had contact with a German young man. This came from Cologne and was via Weert en route to Oostkapelle. For this day he had chosen the same campsite as me.

He cycled a different route than me and later came to the campsite and was still surprised that I was there too. Tomorrow he is going through a shorter route.

You could use the community space at the campsite, also to prepare food. I have gratefully used the kitchen, the dining table and the couch.

I also spent my evening there. Occasionally in conversation with other bicycle campers, including a couple from Arnemuiden.