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Friday 18-08-2018

I woke up around six o'clock and looked at Buienradar what it would do again. There would be a storm exactly about Wouwse Plantage. I therefore decided to move.

Because of the expected rain, I went to breakfast and prepare lunch in the common room. That went faster than at the tent, as on the other days.

After breakfast I started packing and recharging and at 8.20 am I cycled towards Middelburg.

The route up to and including the edge of the Zoomland was very beautiful and varied.

I drove a well-known road in Zeeland. After all, there are not so many opportunities to enter Zeeland via the road or bike path.

After I left the Schelde-Rijnkanaal I went to Rilland to take a picture of camping Hof Maire.

On the flat land of Zeeland the wind was pretty hard and I often (diagonally) against it. That is heavier than hill on a hill. In the latter you also have a moment, downhill, that you can relax your muscles. Not with the headwind.

The expected rain remained until I got a true cloudburst over me between Waarde and Hansweert. Calculated then there is nowhere a place to take shelter! The drops were so big and the wind blew so hard that the drop hurt my face. So I kept on cycling in the pouring rain in search of a hiding place. In Hansweert the water came up through the manhole cover and was really looking out with the puddles. I knew that at the mouth of the canal there was a hut and I thought I would wait for the end of the storm. Well not so, the door was locked.

Eventually I drove in the polders between Hansweert and 's Gravenpolder when it became dry and what cleared up. So I drove an hour in the pouring and raging rain. But you will not be wetter than wet anyway.

The sun tried to get through and that felt better. I then just took a break to eat something.

Then I, following the LF13 as much as possible, cycled towards Middelburg.

Between Nieuwdorp and New and St. Joosland, I applauded Liesbeth that I was coming. She was still in the office and then had to hurry to come home. I would once again append if I went on under the N57.

Liesbeth was only just home that I was coming.

I unloaded the bike and hung all the wet stuff as much as possible to dry. All dirty laundry went into the laundry basket and I then stepped in the shower.

If it is dry tomorrow, the tent will be called.

Also the recumbent bike deserves a big cleaning turn and there may be a set of other tires. Fortunately I have the tires in stock.

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