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Thursday 2-8-2018

I did not leave as early as usual on the first day before the change, because I "only" had about a hundred miles to cycle. Moreover, I didn't have to break up a tent the first day. Around half past nine I cycled down the driveway on our way to Made

The temperature was not too bad, but during the day it rose to 35 degrees Celsius (according to my cycling computer) The temperature while cycling in the sun. Because there were few trees along the route, that happened very often. The high temperature made cycling much heavier than usual. Moreover, I also had the wind against it. I did not expect that when planning the route. This one had been coming from the Northeast for a few days instead of the Southwest.

I cycled along the Veersemeer to the Katseveer to go to Noord Beveland.

Via the parallel road I came to the Zeeland Bridge. After I drove this over, I followed the N-59.

I came to Goeree-Overflakkee via the Grevenlingedam. This brought me to the first other province of my journey.

At Goeree-Overflakkee I followed the N-59 further to Hellegatsplein. There I took the direction across the Volkerak to North Brabant. That was the second province that day.

The cycle path runs along Fort den Hel. Impressive things were built from all kinds of old aircraft tanks. A structure is very similar to Tintin's rocket.

Via Helwijk and places like Zwingelspaan and Oude Stoof I came through Klundert. From there the route continued via Zevenbergen to Made.

Along the way I was happy with every shadow spot that I could use to cool off. Before I came to Made, I stopped at a gas station to enjoy the air conditioning and an ice cream.

In Made I did some shopping and after that I cycled to the camping of the van Loenhout family. Due to the high temperatures, cycling wasn't nearly as fast as I expected.

Still it went smoothly enough to arrive at the camp site of the day around half past four

I put my tent in the shade on it and went to take a shower. Because of the heat, I didn't have that much energy to update everything. So I only went to sleep on time.