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Friday 3-8-2018

After a restless night, I woke up poorly at 6 am. I started to do my things and had an extensive breakfast.

After packing and charging, I drove from the campsite at 9.30 am. I was therefore hopeful that it would be a smooth ride, but nothing could be further from the truth.

After I at st. Geertruidenberg had crossed the Maas and continued the route along narrow roads. These followed the Bergse Maas stream.

Via places like Peerenboom, Dussen and Drongelen I drove towards Bern.

Most of the time the road was on a dike and then there were no trees in the shade. That exhausted quite a bit and took the pace out of the ride.

I often had to stop in the shade to cool off a bit

At one of the roads there was a nice depth next to the asphalt. Because of the fatigue, I swung too much and ended up on the edge. For the third time during all my cycling trips I peeled my elbow considerably. After I cleaned it and put a plaster on it, I went on.

Of course I took a photo with Bern.

After Bern I drove through the outside of Ammerzoden to Zaltbommel. This is the birthplace of Fiep Westendorp, the Illustrator of many booklets by Anie M.G.Schmidt The latter comes from Zeeland again.

From Zaltbommel I drove to Rossum to get there "on Rome". Cycle from Bern to Rome in one day!

In Rossum I went shopping. Afterwards the journey continued over the narrowest part of the Land van Maas and Waal. The dikes and floodplains of both rivers looked yellow and very dry. The water level was also very low. At the Waal there were suddenly a lot of sandy beaches between the breakwaters.

I now followed the dikes along the Waal and via places like Dreumel and Wamel I came to Beneden Leeuwen. There I crossed the Waal via the bridge. Along IJzerdoorn and Ochten I drove to Dodewaard. From there the route went to the North, until I reached the Lower Rhine.

There too, I followed the river dikes to Driel. At Driel I took the electric bicycle-pedestrian ferry to Oosterbeek

I did not arrive at the campsite until 18.45. I was recognized from my previous visit.

Because it was dinner time for the camping people, I first pitched the tent and then showered and took care of my elbow again.

When I was clean and fresh again, I started paying for the campsite and around 9 pm I was eating. Tonight if it succeeds but go back to bed on time.