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Saturday 4-8-2018

This morning I was up again at six o'clock. Because the toilet building was on the other side of the campsite, this part of my morning activities took more time than usual.

I first started with breakfast and lunch. While the Adventure food scrambled eggs were being cooked in the miracle bag, I already prepared the bread for the journey. After breakfast I packed everything.

Because the tent places were located at the bottom of a small, stylish dike, I first brought the bike up. Then I put the other things up and finally loaded everything on the bike there.

At 8.30 am I cycled off the campsite. In Oosterbeek I first had to climb a bit to get up from the Veluwe river valley. Just outside Oosterbeek I first visited the Commonwealth cemetery that had been there since the Battle of Arnhem. The last time I was around here, I didn't get around to it. (See the 2015 report)

After the visit I drove on across the Veluwe. At Delen airport, the route went very badly.

This one was full of mean climbs. On one of the slopes I came across a herd of highlanders with calves.

At the edge of the Veluwe, I came to the village of Lieren via Beekbergen. The Veluwse Steam Train Company has its yard there. We have been there years ago, but there had nevertheless been a substantial expansion of equipment. I looked around extensively and at ease and ate part of my lunch.

After that I cycled around Apeldoorn with a large curve. Just before the A50 I caught up with a lady on a bicycle. Given the package also a bicycle camper.

Because there were few trees left along the route, the weather was very hot. At Wilp Achterhoek I passed a farm where they sold cheese and dairy products. Also farm ice. I just stopped there to cool off again with the help of an ice cream.

While I was eating the ice cream outside, the bike camper also arrived. She, too, took a break, but decided on the spot to stop it that day and to stand at the farm campsite. We have exchanged some experiences about cycling camping. After my second ice cream I got on my bike again.

After Twello I came to the bridge over the IJsel. There was a column that told a number of things about the number of cyclists that Deventer had achieved, how long you would take and how high the temperature would be. It was at 33˚C

In Deventer I drove through the canals through the city until I drove under the track at the station. That's how I came to Schalkhaar. I did some shopping there again.

I drove to the Overijsels canal via the Provincialeweg. I followed this through Raalte.

After Raalte it continued along the canal to Lemelerveld. Because of our vacation a few weeks before in Lemelerveld, it was known ground.

The route then went along the Lemelerberg towards Ommen. For Ommen, the route bent more to the east. Via places like Besthmen and Junne I ended up in the valley of the Overijssels Vecht. Fortunately a wooded area and between the trees it was a lot (you) cooler than when you drive past the fields.

Just before Rheeze I arrived at the campsite. It had become quite late. I got a place in the shade near the toilet building.

After setting up the camp and taking a shower, I went to eat a fries in the canteen of the campsite across the road. I no longer wanted to "cook" food.

After dinner I worked on the daily report.