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Sunday 5-8-2018

I was on time and well on my way to prepare my breakfast when there was a big bang on the road in front of the campsite. I only went to look because there were not many people on the move.

A collision right in front of the gate! I just checked to see if I could do something, but a man who had arrived had already called 112. Police and ambulance were en route. Well, then I will continue with breakfast.

Later than usual, I also left the campsite.

In the beginning I had very heavy legs. In addition, the road surface was also not nice to drive over. Many bumps already take some energy to keep moving.

At one point I was driving over a shell path of barely 40 cm wide. There had to be traffic from two sides. That was really not fun. I regularly had to stop on the side to let oncoming traffic pass. Then you have to get up to speed again in the unloading shells.

After Overijssel I ended up in Drenthe. The cycle paths there are generally wider and better. Only the hilly landscape stopped me.

I visited a dolmen at the last minute. After all, you are in Drenthe.

Then I ended up on the reclamation roads of Groningen. I came to Stadskanaal via elongated villages. There I visited the building of Sinner bikes and Drymmer. Both companies are recumbent bicycle manufacturers. They are naturally closed on Sundays.

Then I did my shopping at Lidl.

They also have steam train interested in Standskanaal. They have the S.T.A.R. established. I paid a short visit to the yard.

After that it was a 20 km drive to Oude Pekela. The majority again through the built-up area. The Pekelas form one long ribbon village. One passes into the other.

To reach the campsite, I had to go a little more into the country. To my surprise, there were a number of fields with hemp plants.

I arrived at the campsite around 6.15 pm.

The tent was quickly set up and camp made further. The food tasted really good.

I had driven 105 km this day