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Monday, 6-8-2018

It was a wonderfully cool night, so I slept wonderfully. I didn't wake up until half past six. But not rushed with packing and charging.

I just had a chat with the campsite owner about the hemp fields. New applications are being developed for use. Apart from the roots, everything is used: the stems for the fibers as reinforcement of plastic, the leaves as animal feed or tea, oil from the tops for medicinal use. Much research is being done with the University of Groningen. He called it the rescue for the Pekelas.

Around nine o'clock I got on the bike. It was pretty hot already.

Despite that, I was in Heiligerlee in no time and I quickly found Naples. Take a photo and continue. Got a cheerful response from a resident.

That was also the turning point to head south-west again. And just now this morning the wind has turned again ...

Until Gieten it was a struggle against the heat, the wind and an inexplicable resistance.

In Gieten I went to the pharmacy for special plasters on the advice of Liesbeth. So they didn't have that. Finding it out took a lot of time.

Then I went shopping and ate and drank something in the shade.

If something goes wrong, then immediately more goes wrong; first I was wrong and I had to figure out how to get back on the route. Then I got a flat tire. I thought I could stick this one, but I couldn't find the hole. I just put my spare tire in it then.

After that, I returned to the route and drove through Camp Westerbork. The dish antennas were still there.

At the actual access road there was a railroad track every 50 meters. There was a plaque on the sleepers with a date and the number of people taken away. The data from the camp ran towards 1940.

In Beilen I went shopping again and from Beilen I went to the V.A.M. to get to Siberia.

I drove through "Siberia" to Tiendeveen, to the campsite.

I arrived at the campsite very late and they actually thought I would not come again. First, to cool off, I ate two water ice creams, paid for the campsite and I started to pitch my tent.

Then came the daily things such as showering, eating and typing.

Before it got dark, I stuck the flat tire again to have a spare tire again. The hole was quickly found with a bowl of water.